Who We Are

Our name reflects the story of a school: The story of Evaristo Sanga, who grew up in Magulilwa, Tanzania, a rural village of approximately 6,000 people.  He was the only student from his primary school class to continue on to secondary school.  It was rare for a child from Magulilwa to have the chance to continue their education beyond primary school because of the small number of secondary schools in the country.  This opportunity led Evaristo to continue his education through high school, and he was sponsored by a family in the U.S. to attend college in Iowa.  He wanted to thank the family who sponsored him and help others, and felt that the best way to do this would be to make this opportunity possible for more people like himself. With the common dream of starting a school in the Magulilwa village, a small group of individuals in the U.S. partnered with dedicated people in Tanzania, and began working.  The village agreed to donate empty, run-down buildings and 56 acres of land.  The dream has become a reality and what was once a group of abandoned buildings is now a beautiful campus of brick buildings gracing the hills of the village.  In a place where a secondary education seemed a rare opportunity and an unreachable goal for most village families, education now permeates the community and brings hope for a better future.  The school opened its doors in 2006 with its first class of 70 students, and added a new class each year to reach the 4 secondary school levels.  As students were added, buildings were constructed to accommodate them, including classrooms, dormitories, library, science hall, and staff facilities.  Hundreds of individuals have made generous contributions in order to make this project possible.  Magulilwa families worked to make bricks from the red earth.  Teachers were recruited from around the country. Magulilwa Secondary has earned an excellent reputation in the region, and has now graduated 3 classes of students who will go on to impact their communities.  We hope that graduates of the school, like Evaristo, will seek opportunities to serve their communities and to change their country for the better… to “Change it Forward.” Our work is not complete.  We remain committed to fulfilling our promise to the people of Magulilwa to complete infrastructure on the school’s campus, and to continue to provide a high quality education to its students.

Change It Forward Foundation- Tanzania
P.O. Box 24125 Edina, MN 55424

Change it Forward - Tanzania is a 501(c)(3) organization.