Fundraising Mission: Teacher’s Housing

A good education means good teachers. And good teachers at a boarding school in rural Tanzania mean good housing

Maybe you can think of a teacher who had a huge impact on your life.  Magulilwa Secondary is made up of teachers who have the potential to do just that.  Teachers who have chosen a job in a rural setting, sometimes away from their spouse and children because they care about what they do and their students.  We would like to offer housing options for such teachers.  We currently have limited options for teachers on campus and are raising money to construct additional housing, particularly for those with families.  In order to retain such teachers long-term, it is important to offer an option for them to live in the village with their families.  Your support will help us do so.  Please consider a gift for this important cause.  Teachers who stay create a stable community of learning.

We have $9,000 raised from last April’s benefit dinner. That money has been set aside until we can break ground on this building. We need more to do so. The total price of the new complex is $38,000.

Renovated male teachers' quarters completed last winter

Renovated male teachers’ quarters completed last winter

We’ve done the best we can with the buildings we have (above). We simply need more space. We have needed more for some time. When our volunteer Brandon was at Magulilwa in 2014, he asked Headmaster Mgongolwa what the biggest need at the school was. Headmaster’s answer was short and immediate. “Teachers’ housing.” That urgent need in 2014 remains in 2016.

Comfortable housing is a big component in keeping quality staff, which of course is a big part of running a good school. So please consider a donation to our school to help Magulilwa Secondary reach its goal and maintain its growth and positive influence in the lives our students.

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