Education in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government provides free education for primary school children (equivalent to K-6 in the U.S.).  The village of Magulilwa currently has 2 primary schools.  Upon completion of primary school, students take a level 7 exam to determine whether they can continue on to secondary school.  If a student scores high enough on their exam, they have a couple options:

  • Option 1: If a student scores high enough (relative to students all over the country who take the same exam), they are eligible to attend a government school.  Government school tuition is free, and students pay approximately $20 per year for room and board. Only about 1 or 2 students from each primary school throughout the country are able to attend a government secondary school each year.
  • Option 2: If a student scores high enough on the level 7 exam, they can take an entrance exam for a private school.  If they pass this exam and are admitted to a private school, they pay approximately $300 for tuition, room, and board.  Only an average of 2 students from a village like Magulilwa are able to go to private school each year.
These options are only available to the small percentage of students who receive a high score on their exam.  Because of the limited number of schools in the country (government and private) a student must have a high score in order to continue their education.  Because of this, most students’ formal education ends at age 12.  Only 2% of the Tanzanian population attends secondary school.

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